How you can help and support The Lunch Project here in the UK

Call to Action

  • Come to Meg's fundraising events aid of The Lunch Project!
  • Donate a raffle prize for our fundraising event - call Meg on 01273 906128 or email
  • Offer free printing for our promotional materials
  • Be a speaker at our fundraising event
  • Help promote our coffee mornings and fundraising events-spread the word!
  • Book a table at Meg's fundraising event
  • Bake a cake for our fundraising event or Meg's coffee morning
  • Help raise awareness by re-tweeting @mummymeg tweets with #TheLunchProjectUK
  • Make a donation or sponsor TL P Click here.

Simple ways you can help

  • Hold a coffee morning in aid of The Lunch Project
  • Collect your spare loose change in a bowl and donate it at the end of each month to The Lunch Project
  • Instead of buying lunch one day, take in a packed lunch to work and donate the money you save to The Lunch Project
  • Sell cakes and donate the money to The Lunch Project
  • Download this flyer print it out and put it up in your window, car, shop or office. Or, if you'd like us to send you some, please email

donate to The Lunch Project
Please get in touch with Meg on 01273 906128 or email to offer your help and support. We welcome your help.


The Lunch Project is made possible by donors like you. Unless otherwise specified, your gift will go towards TLP's most critical needs as Rebecca and her team work to expand the number of schools TLP serve in Tanzania as part of the Global TLP programme, as well as the children TLP serve in the US in the Kids for TLP and Education programme.  Because TLP programmes are efficient and sustainable, your gift will have a major impact.

  • Could you provide lunch to over 900 Tanzanian school children once a month?
  • Could you provide lunch to over 900 Tanzanian school children one time?
  • Are you looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one? Instead of buying them a gift (no doubt something they don't even need) why not provide lunch to over 900 Tanzanian school children in their name?

CLICK HERE to make your donation.


we empower kids to change their world by supporting school lunch programmes in Tanzania and inspiring service in all children